Other Suspension Modifications

The only stock suspension part left on the car is the steering box. The front suspension recipe includes Bilstein shocks, Eibach 1" drop springs, and a 34mm hollow F-body front swaybar with polyurethane sway bar mounts and endlinks. We replaced the steering linkage with Moog Problem Solver parts (center link, idler arm, inner/outer tierods, and sleeves), and the lower front A-arms are from an '86 F-body with new GM 1LE bushings and Howe Racing tall lower balljoints. I also added a 1LE F-body power-steering cooler.

The original 3.73 geared rear sits under Eibach springs and Bilstein shocks. Edelbrock adjustable uppers and BMR Fabrication tubular lower control arms with polyurethane bushings keep the rear in place. I also had a Powertrax No-Slip Traction System installed, which helps the car launch straight and hard. The stock rear differential cover was replaced with a TA Performance main-cap girdle, and the straight rear swaybar is from a '78 A-body.

Overall, handling and braking has been seriously improved with the conversion to 12" B-body disc brakes. This system uses custom tubular upper A-arms with '94 B-body spindles and calipers, and a larger master cylinder from a '90 B-body. Braking is now taken care of by slotted 12" rotors, rather than the stock wimpy 10.5" rotors. Other brake upgrades include new rear drum hardware along with S-10 wheel cylinders and fresh F-body aluminum brake drums. The car rides on custom-painted SLP 17x8" wheels with 245/45 ZR 17 Continental ExtremeContact tires.

Here's a shot of the front suspension with the wheels off. You can see the tubular upper arms, B-spindles, and of course the Eibach/ Bilstein goodies.

Here's the power steering cooler. It's for a 1LE F-body, but fits perfectly on the Monte.

One 17" wheel with a 12" rotor behind it. The wheels fit perfectly, but I had to shave the retaining clips on the center caps to clear the rotor.

Here's the Jeff D. rear bar,which ties the rear framerails together. This helps to cut down on interior cabin noise and drone, and makes the rear of the car more solid.

You can see the Edelbrock adjustable arms and Eibach springs installed in this pic, along with the Bilstein shocks, TA differential cover, aluminum drums, and straight rear swaybar.

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