The Subtle Modifications

Since I want to keep this car factory-appearing, the cosmetic and interior changes have been kept to a minimum. Here are a few shots of what I've done.

The original door panels were a bit faded, and I always felt the extra pull straps were useless. So, when I got the new door panels, I gave them a cleaner, modern appearance by leaving the straps off, and also relocating the window switches to the lower door panel.

We've solved the problem of floppy seatbelts by adding these 3rd-gen F-body loops. I painted them with custom mixed interior paint from Mike's Montes.

The original ashtray and light were removed, and I added a light inside the console with a toggle switch. Also check out the C5 Corvette shifter boot and Hurst shifter knob.

Here's my "Hurst-equipped" badge, since I'm running a Hurst short-throw shifter on the T5.

I got some templates for the quarterpanels and trunklid from my buddy Kevin, built the side boards out of MDF and trunk piece from thin plywood, then carpeted them. The piece up on the rear shelf is removeable, and covers all of my detailing equipment and tools. The spare tire cover was pilfered from a Jeep Cherokee.

The headlights are from a 1990 Celebrity, mounted inside Lauren Engineering brackets.

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