Steve's ProTouring '88 SS

This site was updated on July 26, 2017...

We bought this '88 SS in November of 2003. The previous owner planned to turn it into a quarter-mile car but lost interest in the project. He took it off the road in 2001 with just 85K on the clock, and it sat languishing in his garage until we bought it. Since it was just a rolling chassis, I had a good friend tow it back to Jersey for me, and then my friends and I rebuilt it and returned it to the streets. Everything on this car, from the TPI engine and 5-speed right down to the suspension and exhaust system was all installed in my driveway, without a lift or even an air compressor.

So, why did I choose a Monte Carlo SS to build up? It's a great-looking, full-frame car that came from the factory with a small-block Chevy under the hood and a decent suspension. Another important factor was that I could fit my family in it and attend cruise nights and car shows. This car was built on a teacher's budget with mostly GM parts so that it was easily serviceable anywhere.

Here's an old video of how the ZZ4-cammed 355 can see the original wheels I had on the car, and stock valve covers.

Here's a video of the car, right before I sold it. This gives you an idea of the potential this car had.

Besides the Monte Carlo, I've had quite a few other vehicles and projects. We've recently started a bicycle restoration business which you can check out here - AGS Bicycles. I have also written some DIYs on various forums for other automotive projects across the Interwebs over the years. Here's a few -

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