T5 Conversion - Interior Changes

Some modifications need to take place inside the car when converting over to a manual. A clutch pedal (obviously) needs to be added, along with a new shifter and a boot for the stick. Check it out.

I rebuilt a set of A-body clutch/brake pedals with new GM pedal bushings (PN 15594358) and Motormite (20734) pedal pads. I lubed the inner pin and bushings with white lithium grease. This pic is a comparison between a stock G-body brake pedal (on the right) and an A-body brake/clutch pedal assembly.

Here's how they look installed in the car.

I drilled pilot holes at the corners first, then a series of holes to guide my way around with the Dremel.

Here's the hole cut all the way around. Duct Tape keeps the metal shavings out of the shifter hole.

Since the automatic is gone, I took the time to repaint the gear selector semi-gloss black and ditch the indictator needle.

Muhahahahaha. The Hurst Competition Plus shifter has a new home. The large boot on the floor is from a T56-equipped 4th-generation F-body.

Here's a shot of the completed console. The original top plate was modified with a leather boot from a C5 Corvette and a custom cupholder. :) I also used a Hurst Classic knob with a white 5-speed pattern on top.

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