Pro-Touring 1988 Monte Carlo SS
Specifications Sheet

Exterior Modifications: Ford Bright White paint, basecoat/clearcoat; 2007 Impala SS badges; slight window tinting; 1990 Chevy Celebrity headlights
Interior Modifications: 2002 Delco CD player attached to factory harness (Delco 16140051); "Hurst Equipped" badge in place of "Chevrolet" on dash trim
Engine: 1989 2-bolt main 355 cubic inch Chevrolet V8 (.030 over 350), 9.8:1 compression

OEM cast iron crank turned .010 under and polished; resized OEM rods with ARP rod bolts (134-6003); SpeedPro Duroshield-coated hypereutectic pistons (H670CP); Sealed Power moly rings; Melling M55 oil pump with welded pickup tube; Clevite 77 rod, main, and cam bearings; Edelbrock adjustable true-roller timing chain (7332); ZZ4 composite timing cover (GM 12552557); ZZ4 8" balancer (GM 12555879); Fel-Pro gaskets

Camshaft/Valvetrain: ZZ4 cam (GM 10185071), 0.474/0.510-inch lift, 208/221 duration at .050; stock GM roller lifters; stock pushrods; Comp Cams 1.5:1 aluminum full-roller rocker arms (1001-16)
Cylinder Heads: World Products S/R Torquer for 1987 and later SBC (042650); 3/8-inch screw-in rocker arm studs; 58-cc combustion chambers; Manley Street-Flo stainless 1.94-inch intake (10722)/1.50-inch exhaust (10721) valves; 0.560-inch maximum lift single valve springs with damper (22409)
Induction: 1987 F-body TPI intake, AirBorn Coatings coated; stock base plate; self-ported/siamesed upper plenum; siamesed SLP runners (20004); SLP airfoil (22100); stock ported 52-mm throttle body; GM LT1 22-lb/hr injectors; 1988 Firebird intake bellows; descreened MAF; 9-inch K&N cone filter (RC-5106)
Fuel: 1985-1988 Monte Carlo TBI fuel tank (GM-306C); TBI sending unit (GM 25092742); AC Delco TPI F body fuel pump (GM 25116163)
Ignition: 1987 TPI divorced-coil distributor; MSD coil (8226), cap (8246), rotor (8427), and wires (31419); AC Delco R44TS spark plugs; 1986-1989 F-body TPI ECM (GM 1227165), custom-burned PROM
Exhaust: Edelbrock T.E.S. (6879) headers, AirBorn Coatings coated; 3" testpipe in place of catalytic converter; Hooker 2.5-inch catback exhaust (16810), comes with Aerochamber mufflers and GN-style tail pipes
Cooling: Modine 951 radiator; AC Delco 180 thermostat (12TP1E); 1987 F-body electric fans
Accessory Drive: 1988-92 serpentine belt brackets

F-body power steering pump, 105 amp alternator, AC compressor and lines; G-body Oldsmobile 307 A/C condenser; March underdrive crank pulley (4400); AIR pump delete

Flywheel: 153-tooth Chevrolet, nodular iron (GM 14088646)
Clutch/Pressure Plate: RAM 10.5-inch clutch disc, pressure plate, and release bearing set (88761); RAM replacement bronze pilot bushing (BU656)
Transmission: 1988 V8 F-body Borg-Warner World Class T5; rebuilt by JMD
Ratios: 2.95, 1.94, 1.34, 1.00, 0.63
Shifter/Knob: Hurst Competition Plus shifter (391 5032); Hurst Classic black shifter knob (63 0104); Corvette C5 upper shifter boot (GM 10326158); 1993-2002 F-body lower shifter boot (GM10267518)
Clutch/Brake Pedals: 1978-1981 GM A-body
Clutch Linkage: 1978-1981 GM A-body mechanical enhanced with Speed Direct spherical rod-end upper/lower pushrods (CMP7130)
Bellhousing/Fork: 1983 V8 F-body bellhousing (casting 14060627) and fork (GM 14037647); fork boot (GM 14007355); dust shield (GM 14079901)
Crossmember: 1985 200-4R G-body (GM 14063883), relocated 2.5 inches forward, mount inverted, 2-inch extension plate added made from -inch steel; Anchor solid rubber transmission mount (2337); catalytic converter support bracket eliminated
Driveshaft: 1985 Monte Carlo SS, shortened 3 inches
Rear Axle: 1985 Monte Carlo SS, 7.625-inch ring gear; Powertrax No-Slip Traction System (92-0775-2605); TA Performance girdle cover (TA 1809); factory 3.73:1 gears
Front Suspension: 1994 B-body spindles; UB Machine tubular upper control arms with Teflon bushings (19-0739-4.5L/19-0739-4.5R); Moog screw-in upper balljoints (K772); 1986 F-body lower control arms with 1LE bushings (GM 14039483 [front] and GM 14039484 [rear]), steering stops ground down; Eibach 1-inch drop springs (3803.140; includes front/rear springs); Bilstein shock absorbers (B36-0949); 1988 F-body 34mm hollow front swaybar; Energy Suspension polyurethane sway bar bushings (9-5165R); Energy Suspension polyurethane end links (9-8119R); Moog Problem Solver idler arm (K6187T), inner/outer tie rods ends (ES2033RLT/ES2034RLT), tie rod sleeves (ES2032S), centerlink (DS909), and lower balljoints (6145T); Edelmann 1989 F-body power steering cooler (91959)
Rear Suspension: BMR Fabrication, Inc. lower control arms (TCA003B), includes greasable polyurethane bushings; Edelbrock adjustable upper control arms (5247); Eibach 1-inch drop springs (3803.140; includes front/rear springs); Bilstein shock absorbers (B46-0929); stock F41 sway bar
Front Brakes: Wagner loaded 1994 9C1 B-body calipers (L133142/L133143); slotted 1989 F-body 12-inch 1LE rotors; Wagner 1988 G-body brake hoses (F106886)
Rear Brakes: 9.5-inch aluminum drum; Raybestos ⅞-inch wheel cylinders (JWC37644); stock brake shoes
Master Cylinder: Wagner 1989 B-body (F104660); 1⅛-inch bore
Brake Booster: 1988 G-body (dual diaphragm)
Wheels: SLP ZR1 17 8, 0-inch offset
Tires: Continental ContiExtremeContact 245/45 ZR17
Weight: 3640 lbs with driver and ½ tank of gas

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