Growth Spurt - Spring 2006

While the old cammed TPI 305 made respectable power, as the saying goes, "There's no replacement for displacement." I finally got the chance to build a proper smallblock during the early part of 2006. I started with a virgin roller-cam 350 motor from an '88 GTA. It was in a high-mileage car that ran well with no knocking or smoking, and was super clean inside when we pulled the valve covers off. Upon further diagnosis, the headgaskets were in perfect shape and the oil pump screen was clean.

We disassembled the 350 in the auto shop where I work, and I brought the block and crank/rods/pistons to North Jersey Performance for machinework. Once the block and internals were ready, I brought everything home to assemble here. Of course, this was a budget buildup, but makes me very happy when I nail the throttle. Check out the specs, and see the assembly pics below!

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